FRANCESC MAGRINYÀ. He is Professor in Urban Planning (Technical University of Catalonia. Barcelona Tech). He is a civil engineer (Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos de Barcelona- Technical University of Catalonia. Barcelona Tech, 1988) and holds a MSc and a PhD in Urban planning at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées-Paris I Sorbonne (2002). His research addresses the evolution of infrastructures and urban form; urbanism of networks, and sustainable transport planning. He teaches in different Masters (Master on Sustainability and Development, Master of Civil Engineer, Master of Urban Project (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)). He has been Technical Director of the Exhibit Mostra Cerdà. Urbs i Territori (1994) It has travelled more than 60 cities around Europe andLatin America (1994-1998). He has been Curator of the Exhibit “Cerdà 150 años de modernidad” (2009). He has been Consultant of Agencia de Ecología Urbana de Barcelona where he has developed a new design of public transport network inBarcelona (TMB & Agencia de Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona). He is a member of the Research Group on Human Development and Cooperation and responsible GRECDH-UPC (Urban service Area). Member of Editorial Board of the International Journal of Technology for Human Development. He has directed several projects and dissertations degree in human development in cooperation and collaboration with the Center for Cooperation and Development (CCD-UPC), two with Prize Contest Final Year Projects for Development Cooperation, the Spanish Federation of Engineers Without borders. UPC-UPM-UPV (2002 and 2004). He has directed a doctoral thesis on urban services in developing countries Prize for Best Doctoral Thesis of Development Cooperation, the Spanish Federation of Engineers Without Borders. UPC-UPM-UPV.  He edited (in 2002) one volume on the evolution of engineer in the urban plan published by Edicions UPC (“Evolución de la Ingeniería en la urbanística”); and one volume on urban space and mobility (“Espacio urbano y movilidad”) published by Edicions UPC (2007) and “Cerdà, 150 anys de modernitat” (Ed Actar, 2010).

TERESA NAVAS. PhD in Geography and History (Universitat de Barcelona). She is professor in History of Public Works, Engineering and Town planning and Management of Cultural Heritage and Natural Resources (ITT Department, ETSECCPB, Barcelona Tech). He teaches in different Masters (Master on Sustainability and Development, Restoration of Architectural Monuments, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya; Master’s Degree in History and Cultural Communication, Universitat de Barcelona). Her research is particularly focused on history in infrastructures in Catalunya as well as the management of Cultural Heritage. He edited in 2007 one volume about this research (Història de les carreteres del Territori de Barcelona). She also has been Curator of some exhibits (Cerdà y la política práctica: organizar el territorio, 2010; Els carrers del territori. 150 anys de carreteres locals, 2012) and has been the film script of Audiovisuals (Barcelona, visions de la primera metropoli, 2010)

MIGUEL Y. MAYORGA. MSc and a PhD in Urban planning at Technical University of Catalonia. Barcelona Tech. Architect Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has developed in Bogota until 1998 projects of architecture, urbanism and landscape, with special emphasis on urban renewal projects and public space: the project implemented and awarded through national competition “Paseo Urbano Carrera 15” (Bogotá, 1996-98) and the awared projects “Cerro el Volador” Ecological Park, Medellín, 1996 (second prize), “Embalse San Rafael” Ecological Park, La Calera, Bogotá 1996 (third prize). Based in Barcelona since 1998, has participated in various urban and infrastructure projects and consulting in Italy, Brazil, Honduras and Spain with the department’s planning section ITT -UPC, Polytechnic University of Catalonia and through the professional association Mayorga+Fontana. Prominent among its participation in several projects: Avenida Brasil in Rio de Janeiro (1999), ITT-UPC-CGA, Director Plan of San Pedro Sula. Honduras. EGI-MSPS (2002), the Central Park of Gelida. Gelida (2006), the plan “Sector L’Estació” Barbera del Vallès.” Pla de Àrees Residencials Estratégiques INCASOL, Barcelona (2008). The second prize in the international ideas competition “Un lungomare per Cannigione-La Conia”. Sea front of Comune di Arzchena, Sardinia Italy (2009). With the UPC has been involved in the preparation of various studies, research projects and urban and regional scale with special emphasis on the configuration of urban space, focused in the infrastructure transforming potential of the and also the review of proposals and approaches of modern movement. Le Corbusier in Bogotá, City and modern architecture in Colombia. He is currently developing his doctoral thesis in the ITT-UPC: Spaces of urban centrality and Infrastructure: Evolutions and trends. As a professor of urban planning at UPC (Technical University of Catalonia. Barcelona Tech) since 2006, has realized research, publications, lectures and exhibitions, and participated in workshops of townplanning and public space design in schools of architecture and engineering.

 ALVAR GAROLA. Is an economist from the University of Barcelona. He has an Advanced Studies Diploma in “Territory management and transport infrastructure” at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). He has been a researcher of design and analysis of economic forecast models at the University of Stanford. Since 1984 until 1999 he worked at the Economic Studies Office, Inc. as a project manager. There he directed studies about transport economy, infrastructures endowment, urban and territorial economy and about topics related to the construction sector. Since 1991 he is an assistant lecturer at the Trasnport and Territory Infrastructure Department at the UPC. He is a lecturer at the Civil Engineering School and at the Master’s Degree in Logistics, Transport and Mobility, Environmental Engineering, Sustainability and Infrastructure Management. 


JOSEP MERCADÉ. Architect (ETSAB, UPC) and Civil Engineer (ETSECCPB, UPC), he was awarded the 2001 FUNDACIÓN CAJA DE ARQUITECTOS Scholarship for best academic cv. After graduating in 2001 he moved to London to work for FOSTER + PARTNERS. He currently teaches landscape infrastructure planning and design at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyers de Camins Canals i Ports (ITT Department, ETSECCPB, BarcelonaTech).




GLORIA CLAVERA. Architect (ETSAB, UPC Barcelona). Master of Sustainability, specializing in Sustainable Infrastructure and Planning, and Master of Geography Information Systems (UPC Barcelona). Postgraduate in Design, Environment and Architecture (Elisava, Barcelona). She has worked in Area Metropolitana de Barcelona and is currently PhD Candidate at UPC Barcelona.